Hi, I’m Farrah Jaelene Bernardo, and this is my story. 🙂 Or should I say a chapter to a Greater story, written and scripted by our Maker, the Great Author of our lives, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Since I’m not that talkative whenever I speak in person, and I’m more comfortable when I’m writing down my thoughts and experience, let me share with you the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord through these writings. Most of these writings are just spur of the moment ideas and encouragement to daily living. Some random thoughts and musings inspired by the Word of God.

I believe you were drawn here for a purpose, may it be out of curiosity, or of sudden interest, but I do believe our Lord always work with a purpose. 🙂 And so, If you find yourself somewhere in the corners of this blog, I pray that the Lord might speak to your heart and refresh your spirit as we enjoy this journey together with Christ.

So hello there my dear friend. 🙂 Shalom blessings in Jesus’ Name!


12105708_1341029795916308_4986120761323406554_n   13061985_1452950001390953_4556817641549721404_n.jpg 15541525_1854822311431612_6113476026289367261_n13423717_1496895230329763_7804822235144806632_n.jpg    farrah2

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