Getting lost and asking for directions

I have a few share of stories to tell about being lost in totally different circumstances. I know that you can fully relate when I say that being lost and not knowing where to go is one of the worst experiences one could ever have.  I’ve always seen myself as someone who is weak in getting or knowing directions, I could have gone to a place countless times but still get lost whenever I would go there again.

One would say that there is a certain excitement that can fill a person whenever he or she is being lost, but more than anything, there is that fear and worry that can creep up on one’s heart and mind for there are no certainties whenever you are being lost. The fear of not getting into your destination, the fear of looking for something which you can’t seem to find, the feeling of being left alone and has nowhere to go, the list can go on and on.

What made me write about this topic then? I just had an experience yesterday, which is not really eventful but had a spiritual implication on my life, and I thought of sharing this with whoever would be available to read. 🙂

Yesterday, while waiting for a jeepney ride to go to school, a van stopped in my front. And yes, I got a little bit scared as I’ve remembered scenes from movies where people are being snatched by unknown men but then I’m just overthinking (Praise God! HAHA) as they were just asking for directions. Actually I don’t like being asked by strangers, for I always thought that I will never be able to answer their question rightly or give them the right direction, but thankfully, yesterday I did (yay! HAHA). Another similar situation happened when I was going to our church for our prayer meeting. A man riding a bicycle approached me and once again asked me for directions. And then a sudden thought or message came to my mind.

People (who haven’t received Jesus as their Personal Lord and Savior yet), nowadays, whether they know it or not, are actually lost. They are just treading this world not knowing where they came from or where they are going. And just like what lost people mostly do, they just keep on going around circles, but never accomplishing anything or not finding the real way or destination. And the only thing for a lost person to actually find the way is to admit that he/she is lost. That he/she needs a help from someone who actually knows the way or will point them to the right direction.

And, we, as Christians, must serve as the ones who will show and point the Way. For we know that it is Jesus Himself who said, that, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through Him. (John 14:6) No, we are not the answer and not the one who will save them from being lost. But if we truly received God’s grace and salvation, we would also want other people to go to Jesus. For we all have been lost once, but because of the sweet Love of our Savior, we have now been found.

And yes, as simple as my experience of telling people directions, I praise God for He has used this simple situation to speak to my heart. That in times of being lost, there is a Way which seeks to find us and save us. That we can run to our Refuge and Strength, our True Home, our Dear Savior Jesus Christ.

“I once was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see.” (c) Amazing Grace



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