In His Time

“…I have found the One whom my soul loves…” Song of Solomon 3:4

It came out as a surprise, an unexpected thing. For who could possibly know that all this time, the one I’ve been looking and waiting for is a friend I’ve long cherished?

It all started in a dream, a dream I had two years ago. By then, I didn’t have any idea why you suddenly appeared to my dream, not only once but five times in a row. I got curious but then dismissed the idea, to the point of already forgetting about it.

But then, the Lord reminded you to me and unexpectedly what once was impossible has now come to pass. The story that I thought will never start has been planned and scripted all this time by our Almighty God. Little by little, things are getting clearer and finally all my disappointments and heartbreaks in the past are making sense.

Yet, our lives are made of seasons, and our Sovereign God works in His perfect time. Though I’ve already found the one whom my soul loves, I’ve yet to understand that things in life may take some time. Even our story, it has already started but the next few chapters may take some time to be fulfilled. All I know is that I’ve trusted the Lord in this area of our life. I’d rather be far away from you right now if by doing so would take us closer to our Lord.

Someday, when the time is right, I’ll write about you and post things about you, thanking the Lord for the answer to my prayer and the fulfillment of my dream. Someday, I’ll write your name somewhere in these pages, but until that day comes, I’ll be in total peace knowing that as I’ve entrusted you and our story in the Lord it will have its fulfillment, we will eventually meet and be together in serving the real One whom our souls love. But until then, I will be content of still remaining your friend and praying for you, waiting for His will to happen over our lives.




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